About Kambo Warrior

Carlos Guzman, Kambo Practicing Minister-Body, Mind and Soul

I received the call of the frog while working with the Ayahuasca master plant. Since my first experience, I have formed a bond working with Kambo. I have detoxified my body from an unhealthy diet, cleansed my mind from old habits that no longer served me and purged my soul from negative energies. I feel in better shape physically, having lost about 30 pounds over time. I chose to eat a clean diet; no longer I crave alcohol, sugar, or any unhealthy foods. My thoughts are clear, my body feels great. I feel alive and with a purpose. The bouts of depression and anxiety are gone, replaced with hope, joy, and a sense of purpose.  

I wanted to share the green light of Kambo with my sister with the hopes to improve her health condition, early onset of Parkinson’s. It was at that point that my call to give Kambo was born.  I have help alleviating her condition and also helped other beautiful souls cleanse their bodies, cleanse their minds and souls from negative thoughts and energies. Recently I had the opportunity of meeting the phyllomedusa bicolor in Peru. It was a one of a kind experience, getting to know the frog in its environment and appreciating all the care and effort taken in harvesting its precious secretion. 

I have had the honor of sharing the gift of Kambo with many beautiful souls in private and group settings and it'll be my honor to serve you! 

I am a certified Kambo practitioner by the International Association of Kambo Practitioners  ( IAKP.org), a certified addiction recovery and psycho-spiritual integration coach with Being True to You and the founder and minister of The Passionate Warriors and Passionate Warrior Ministries. 

I promise to always honor and protect the frog, respecting its sacred secretion and I promise I will hold space for you in a safe and comfortable setting with respect, love, and compassion.

International Association of Kambo Practitioners, IAKP

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