Kambo Warrior Volunteer and Referral Exchange Program

Carlos sitting before ceremony

Would you like to receive the healing power of Kambo but cannot afford it at this time?

The first step is to like and share Kambo Warrior on

Facebook @kambowarriordetox 

Instagram @kambowarrior

The second step, if you have received Kambo already from me, I will appreciate a review on

Facebook https://tinyurl.com/ujnudw3


Google reviews


Help me share the gift of Kambo with others by sharing your Kambo experience.

There are 2-ways to earn your free Kambo:

1. Volunteering

Volunteer your time helping out during the community Kambo circle on Sundays. When you volunteer on a Sunday during a Kambo community circle, you accumulate points to redeem for a free Kambo session.

1- point per each Sunday you volunteer. Accumulate 3-points ( 3 Sundays) and you get your free Kambo session with me for up to 3-points of Kambo applied per session. Sundays do not have to be consecutive.

2. Referrals

For each paid referral, you get $50 off regular Kambo fee. Get 3 referrals, and you get your Kambo session for free.

The Fine Print

You can choose to redeem your session when you reach 3-points or accumulate your volunteer/referral points for another session with more Kambo points.

You can also gift your volunteer/ referral points to anyone you choose.

"Anyone seeking the healing power and wisdom of Kambo will never be denied receiving the gift of Kambo regardless of his/her financial status....ever!"

Donations are welcome but not required.


Contact me with any questions or for more information. Viva Kambo🐸!